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This is the early release alpha version with limited gameplay. It shares creatures between instances and they continue to evolve so the longer it runs the more interesting it should get.

Evolution is a real time simulation of the evolutionary process. Creatures have DNA that defines their structure, traits, how they see the world around them, and how they react to it. Each creature is unique, most die quickly, some die a little slower, and others survive (some just like rocks, they usually die too). It is the survivors that reproduce and mutate, just a little, but enough to adapt to their environment. Early creatures are pretty basic but they have the capacity for some pretty elaborate behaviors and, to be honest, I am not sure how interesting this could get.

Tide Pool is my starting level, this is where you evolve your creatures. This world is stacked in your favor to help you select and breed the creatures you deem fit to live. At first you control a small handful of creatures and help them find food, focus on those that move independently, or just let them figure it out. You compete against creatures that evolved in other tide pools from other players so it is never the same game twice. If you do manage to take over the environment all your creatures level up and you start over competing against the next level of enemy creatures.

Future versions will include a laboratory to cross breed creatures with other creatures, manage, save and share your creatures, and apply targeted mutations. I have plans for a battle arena to pit creatures against each other. I am also considering a maze level where walls can be set to damage them and, since they can detect walls, they should evolve to live happily in a dangerous maze world. I am also considering a micro ship that you can command to battle the creatures directly. Lastly, a level called Primordial Soup, would just be a place to create new creatures. This may evolve to be the only place new creatures get created but I am really still at the 'waiting for feedback phase'.

Thanks for checking this out!

Check out the demo here: http://www.grubbymonster.com

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